26 Jun Get ready for for your open house with this easy checklist!

Getting your home ready for an open house can be quite stressful and busy for any home seller! This easy to DIY check off list will get you organized and ready in an instant!

  1. Secure valuables (tech devices such as laptops, tablets, phones), bills (some have account numbers), spare keys to the house and prescription drugs
  2. Have all counter tops cleaned off. Remove counter top appliances such as toasters or coffee makers.
  3. Keys and personal items should be stored away.
  4. De-clutter / put away everyday items: dishes, mail, shoes, coats, kids’ toys, sporting equipment, etc.
  5. Take 15 minutes and organize / purge your fridge – because a buyer WILL look!
  6. Make sure the thermostat is set appropriately for the weather and make the home comfortable for showings.
  7. Take the trash out and consider hiding garbage cans.
  8. Minimize family photos.
  9. Do a thorough cleaning – even if you have to hire a cleaning service.
  10. Improve curb appeal: Mow the lawn and trim back overgrown shrubbery, mulch, paint shutters, weed gardens, address the trim, fix walkways, clean exterior windows, power wash home.
  11. Make the bathrooms shine: Toilet seats down, clean mirrors and other glass surfaces.
  12. Bake something that smells good. A pan of apple juice with cinnamon and cloves simmering in the oven works well and is easy.
  13. Put fresh flowers or flowering plants on the dining room table.
  14. Play soft music.
  15. Turn on all of the lights.
  16. Offer snacks and water.
  17. Take all the magnets and pictures off the refrigerator.
  18. If guns are in the house, make sure they are secured.
  19. Open the windows – buyers love lots of natural light.
  20. Stick all personal toiletries in a drawer or a basket. (no one wants to see your toothpaste or hand lotion)
  21. Organize toys or store them while your home is on the market.
  22. Less is more. Remove excess furniture if possible.
  23. Replace light bulbs that are burnt out. The better the lighting, the better the results.
  24. Walkways to and from the home should be clean and clear.
  25. Hide feeding bowls, litter boxes, dog beds, etc. Some home-seekers have allergies and can be put-off by their presence.
Austin Ellis