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Tips for Selling a House with Animals.

15 Feb Tips for Selling a House with Animals.

The Denver/Boulder homes for sale market is generally pretty animal friendly and while  all pet owners love their animals, not all people are animal lovers and that can interfere with selling your home. Here are some easy tips to get your house ready for showings and making sure your beloved pets are helping, not hurting the process!

Tip #1 — The ideal scenario: Give your pets an extended holiday

Pets tend to distract from agents showing your home and can hamper the potential new owners from envisioning themselves living there! Having family/friends pet sit at another location or boarding tends to be the best option. Not only are you sure how your pet is doing, you don’t have to worry about them escaping or biting a potential buyer.

Tip #2 — Give your pets their own spot

You should set up some space for them somewhere on the property. It would have to be a spot where they can’t disturb potential buyers. It should also be as roomy as possible but shouldn’t interfere with the real estate agent taking potential buyers on tour.

Tip #3 — Present a house without pets

Staging your home to hide the presence of animals can also be helpful. Put away feeding dishes and water bowls. Larger pet accessories can be kept in the periphery of a garage or basement. As weird as it may be, sometimes those little things do make a difference in the end whether interested buyers go ahead and make an offer or not.

Tip #4 — Fix up what the dog/cat broke down

Even the smallest of touches can make all the difference to a prospective buyer! Replacing the section of carpet which your cat has clawed to smithereens and fixing the claw marks all over your doors and frames is something you should see to before showing

Tip #5 — Never show a stinky house!

Make sure to get all your flooring swept and vacuumed. If you are covering up odors, use one scent of air freshener throughout the house. Don’t overdo it with the air freshener either – one good spray towards the center of the room should do it. There is always the trick of baking something delicious before a showing!

Austin Ellis